2024-25 Class XXVII Leadership Moore Application

Founded in 1997, Leadership Moore has been introducing its class members to major facets of the Moore community through an intensive seven-month course. Leadership Moore’s members participate in educational sessions, tours, and candid conversations with community leaders. Topics include team building, nonprofit awareness, community give back, and educational systems – to name a few – challenge members to see their community as they never have before.

Members of Leadership Moore are business/professional people who hold leadership positions within their companies or organizations. Additionally, they have demonstrated a concern for community issues and volunteered their time with service and professional organizations. The selection process is rigorous and competitive for each of the approximately 20 seats available in each class.

The Leadership Moore year begins in September and concludes in March. Members meet every month for briefings, tours, seminars, and hands-on learning. The Leadership Moore program agendas bring in top-level business, civic, and government leaders for an interactive and behind the scenes look at Moore.

**Before beginning to complete your application, you will need a letter from your supervisor authorizing your participation in the program. This upload is at the end of the application.

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Personal Information


Chamber of Commerce
Leadership Moore Alumni
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Organization Information

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General Information
One of the goals of Leadership Moore is to build a network of community leaders who can enhance their problem-solving and other leadership abilities through share perspectives and working together.

Economic Development
Transportation (roads, bridges)
Public Safety

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I understand that the class size is limited. Should the class become full, I agree to allow my application to stay on file until the next class. 


I am willing and able to commit the time required to fully participate in the Leadership Moore program and understand that absence from two or more sessions makes me ineligible to graduate.


Will you agree to continued service to the community through volunteer activities following your completion of this program?


I understand that upon my acceptance to the program/class, I will be billed $500 or $600 which will be paid prior to the first class. Non-payment will automatically withdraw me from the class.


By submitting my application, I am giving consent for my name and/or picture to be released for Leadership Moore program promotion and community contact information.


I hereby give Leadership Moore's selection committee permission to verify any of the information entered in this application.

Supervisor Information
Each candidate for Leadership Moore must have the support and commitment of his or her sponsoring business or organization. By agreeing below you acknowledge that your supervisor agrees and supports the commitment required by all Leadership Moore participants. Upon acceptance into the Leadership Moore program, we will email an acknowledgment to your supervisor.

My supervisor supports the financial and time commitment required to take part in Leadership Moore.


Please upload a letter from your supervisor authorizing your participation in the program.

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