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The Virtue Center offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), which is a step above outpatient treatment for substance use disorders. This level of care is designed for clients who are in need of a highly structured treatment program but cannot engage in a lengthy inpatient program due to vocational/family obligations or other barriers. IOP group therapy is facilitated in the evenings at The Virtue Center four days per week for a total of nine hours per week. We consistently observe strong bonds of support form among participants due to the frequency of group, which is essential for high-acuity clients who often lack other sober supports. Group sessions provide a safe and supportive space to learn and receive feedback from one another.

IOP participants learn to recognize and address the triggers behind their substance use, find new ways to address and solve their problems and navigate day-to-day life. Attending treatment while remaining in the community allows group members the opportunity to immediately practice the coping skills and strategies they learn in IOP in real-life settings.

"Jessica," a recent IOP graduate says "The Virtue Center is your lifeline. It's there if you want it. IOP is invaluable in the connections you make to the people in your group and the connections to the staff. IOP was vital to my recovery. I looked forward to going, because you take from it what you put into it. The opposite of addiction is community."

According to SAMHSA, IOP services characteristically focus on the following objectives:

  • Educating clients about SUDs, patterns and consequences of use, relapse risks, the treatment process, and types of mutual-support groups.
  • Providing early recovery, coping, and relapse prevention skills.
  • Building recovery supports, including the use of peer support services and mutual-support groups.
  • Addressing obstacles to engaging in treatment and maintaining recovery
  • Providing physical and psychological symptom management by monitoring and addressing the symptoms or referring the client, as indicated.
  • Engaging families, as defined by the client, and providing education on SUDs, patterns and consequences of use, family dynamics, and treatment and recovery processes.
  • Providing emotional support and enhancing motivation.
  • Attending to other health and psychosocial needs, including housing, vocational, financial assistance, and other medical and dental needs.

If you are interested in beginning IOP services, please call The Virtue Center at 405-321-0022 for an assessment to determine if you qualify for this level of care as well as additional resources and service options.

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