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OCCC Launches A New Education Opportunity Center for Adult Learners

OCCC Launches A New Education Opportunity Center for Adult Learners

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Oklahoma City Community College proudly announces the new TRIO Education Opportunity Center (EOC) program, also known as Guidance for Realizing Individual Transformation (GRIT) program for adult learners. The Guidance for Realizing Individual Transformation (GRIT) program supports adult learners entering or re-entering post-secondary education.

The GRIT program supports students looking to start college courses, enter a trade school, or obtain a GED. The GRIT program assists adults in making informed decisions about their educational future and provides them with the necessary resources to succeed. The program offers a variety of resources, including college counseling, financial aid assistance, and career exploration.

“With the launch of the GRIT program, Oklahoma City Community College can offer comprehensive educational support to adult learners across the state, region, and nationwide,” said Dr. Mautra Staley Jones, OCCC President. “With access to specialized services and personalized guidance, the EOC provides an invaluable resource to our students to ensure their success.”

The GRIT program is overseen by the TRIO Program Coordinator, Colin Layne. He provides personalized support to adult learners in the Oklahoma City area. “Through the EOC, adult learners can receive individualized guidance and specialized services to help them enter the programs and stay on track,” said Colin Layne, TRIO Program Coordinator. “These services range from academic counseling and advising to instruction in study skills. I am committed to crafting a unique plan for each student that will serve as a roadmap to help them meet their academic goals.”

TRIO programs guide students who are entering into the various OCCC programs, such as business administration, cybersecurity, automotive, digital cinema, and health professions. “We understand that adult learners have unique needs, and we are committed to helping them achieve their educational goals,” said Layne.

In addition, OCCC offers two different track levels; courses can be taken during 8-week and 16-week sessions, allowing students to learn at their own pace. This program also provides bilingual online workshops to further assist them in understanding the process.

The Education Opportunity Center is a grant-funded program. The Department of Education funded the grant on September 1, 2022.

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