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Oklahoma Company Teams with Tesla

Oklahoma Company Teams with Tesla

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Solar Power of Oklahoma Earns Certification for Innovative Tesla Solar Roof

After being specially recruited by Tesla, Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) is now teaming up with Tesla to offer a unique, innovative product this year, the company announced today. Thanks to the new partnership, Oklahoma-based SPO can now install Tesla Solar Roof.

“The Tesla Solar Roof is different from a traditional system,” said J.W. Peters, SPO president. “On a traditional solar energy system, solar panels are secured on top of a roof’s shingles. With a Tesla Solar Roof, the shingles are solar panels. The look is cleaner, and the system provides more space to capture solar energy because it is essentially the entire roof.”

SPO became Tesla Solar Roof Certified after SPO crew members attended Tesla’s intensive training in Connecticut this month. SPO’s Tesla Solar Roof installers will now tailor each project to meet their customers’ desired capacity as Oklahoma’s only licensed roofing and electrical company to have dual certification in the state and also be Tesla Energy Certified. The power produced by each Tesla Solar Roof is determined by the number of photovoltaic (PV) tiles required to fulfill power usage needs. Each PV tile is capable of generating up to 72 watts of energy, with roof configuration as the determining factor for the number of tiles required.

Residential solar systems have increased dramatically in recent years, thanks to federal tax credits. Tax credits are available to offset up to 30% of installation costs through 2023 and are also applicable to a Tesla Powerwall if one is installed simultaneously with Tesla Solar Roof.

Tesla Solar Roof is the only solar tiled roof on the market designed to pair with Tesla Powerwall.

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SPO reported a 275% increase in system installations in 2021, with projections for additional increases in 2023. Interest in solar power has steadily increased, with more electric vehicle owners seeking low-cost charging options and concerns over traditional utility rate hikes driving demand.

Solar generation systems add to property value and provide long-term investment for homeowners and commercial property owners, with significant savings on utility bills. On average, houses with solar power increase their residential property value by at least $15,000, and a Tesla Solar Roof could add $50,000 or greater in value.

Founded in 2017, Solar Power of Oklahoma is fully owned and operated in Oklahoma. The company’s solar advisors work with home and business owners to custom-design solar systems, which are then installed by SPO installers. Solar Power has installed more than 2,500 solar energy systems for customers throughout Oklahoma. Learn more at

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