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Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

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Many organizations miss out on valuable tax savings by not knowing which tax credits and incentives are available to them. We want to ensure that organizations maximize the potential of all available tax savings opportunities. Most recently, the Inflation Reduction Act has the potential to provide applicable organizations up to $2 trillion in energy incentives over the next 10 years. 

Right now, the climate economy is a hot topic of conversations as organizations work to be more sustainable and incorporate green initiatives into their planning. Incentives for renewables, decarbonization, and energy efficiency available under the Inflation Reduction Act include: 

  • Clean Energy Investment Credit (Section 48): An incentive for installing solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cell, energy storage, biogas, microgrid controllers and combined heat and power energy property. 
  • Clean Energy Production Credit (Section 45): An incentive for electricity produced from win, open and close loop biomass, geothermal, landfill gas and trash facilities, among others. 
  • Energy Efficiency Incentives: The New Energy Efficient Home Credit (Section 45L) and Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction (Section 179D) reward building and renovation of energy-efficient projects. 
  • Carbon Capture Sequestration Credit (Section 45Q): An incentive for capturing and storing carbon produced to reduce emissions in the air. 

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We have a variety of insights available on tax credits and incentives that can help with sustainability efforts.

Additionally, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming Inspired Perspectives webinars where we offer insight on available tax incentives and other topics impacting organizations and individuals. 

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