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Yarbrough & Sons Certified for OG&E HVAC Rebate Program

Yarbrough & Sons is certified to provide high-efficiency HVAC installation rebates for OG&E customers in 2024.

Yarbrough & Sons Certified for OG&E HVAC Rebate Program

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What Is the OG&E Rebate Program?

The OG&E rebate program is a win-win for both homeowners and the environment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Rebate Eligibility: As certified OG&E partners, we can now offer customers a $300 instant rebate per ton when they upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC system. This rebate applies to residential customers who purchase and install eligible systems through Yarbrough & Sons. (For example: a 3 ton system will provide a $900 instant rebate on its installation).

  2. What Is a High Efficiency HVAC System?: Simply put, it’s a system designed to use less energy while maintaining optimal comfort. These advanced systems incorporate features like variable speed motors, variable capacity compressors, and smart controls. By adjusting the system’s output to match demand, they can save homeowners up to 20% on energy bills compared to standard HVAC systems, according to

  3. Beyond Cost Savings: Upgrading to a high-efficiency system isn’t just about dollars saved. It also brings:
    • Improved Indoor Air Quality: High-efficiency systems filter out more pollutants, ensuring cleaner air for your family.
    • Better Humidity Control: Say goodbye to muggy summers and dry winters.
    • Quieter Operation: Enjoy peace of mind with whisper-quiet performance.
    • Environmental Benefits: Reduced energy consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


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