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Press Releases | Member Mentions

Press Releases | Member Mentions

Community News & Member Mentions

This page is a collection of Community News (submitted by our community partners) and Member Mentions (submitted by Chamber members). Member Mentions is new to Moore Chamber members and we are super excited to launch this feature. If you are a member of the Moore Chamber, be sure to select "Member Mentions" category when submitting your press release.

Members who are at the Investment Level of EXCEL or higher, will have their Member Mentions published in our NEW monthly Member Mentions e-newsletter, sent to more than 3,000 Moore business professionals.

Open the FEATURED Member Mentions BLOG below for more information on how to submit your Member Mentions story.

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Digital transformation has become quite the buzzword and, as with all buzzwords, has lost a lot of its meaning along the way. We think this is unfortunate because the basis of digital transformation can apply to any organization at any stage or size. It is simply looking at ways to digitally mature and remain competitive in changing environments.

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You are likely often concerned about how to improve your financial management for your continued growth and success. Organizations tend to have difficulty staffing adequate accounting and technology expertise in-house, which limits key efficiencies, as well as overall profitability.

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